Homososi Among Us or Homosos Inside Us? Confronting Aleksander Zinowiew's and Józef Tischner's Thoughts on the Condition of Man in the World

  • Inga Mizdrak Cracow University of Economics
Keywords: human nature; individual; homosos; freedom


The contemporary debate on the nature of man, carried out on the ethical, axiological, social, religious or cultural grounds, is contextualized, which means that a human being can be viewed from many different perspectives, in order to get closer to the true definition.

It seems that the definition of homosos, which refers to a particular “type” of individual, a member of the Soviet Union (sowczłek), a servant and a beneficiary of communism, as well as a representative of phenomena occurring in contemporary culture, is an important factor in the description of man.

The project of a “new man”, as described by Zinowiew, and the “client of communism”, as described by Tischner, are not the same descriptions of homo sovieticus. They indicate different aspects of human nature and refer to different anthropological ideas. This is the reason why this paper revolves around the analysis of the “I” of the homosos and bringing out the resulting dangers for human beings of today. The basic question is to what extent is homosos an entity reduced to the context of the communist system, or maybe there is a homosos “ethos”, assimilated by the contemporary human.


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