The Organs in the Churches of Ożarów Deanery in the Sandomierz Diocese (part I). Non-preserved Instruments in the Light of Archival Sources

  • Maria Szymanowicz The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: organs; Ożarów Deanery; Sandomierz Diocese


The following article opens the series of texts about the organs and organists of the Sandomierz Diocese. This cycle will inscribe itself in the 200 years anniversary of the Diocese establishment, which will take place in 2018. This article concerns the organs that were not preserved in the churches of Ożarów Deanery. It was created on the basis of the 18th, 19th and 20th Century sources stored in the archives in Cracow, Sandomierz and Radom.

The analysis of the data enabled drawing the following conclusions. There were 21 instruments sequentially functioning within the Ożarów Deanery in 10 parisches. They were rather small organs, 4 up to 15 voices. Most of them were placed on the choir above the main church doors. The instruments were painted and carved, many of them were in bad state. The information on six organists, who were building or fixing the organs in the given area, were also obtained.

In order to analyse the full monography of the Polish organ building still many contribution works have to be done, and such is the character of this article.


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