Ecological Justice: World Council of Churches Programs for Environmental Protection

  • Przemysław Kantyka The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: World Council of Churches; ecological justice; ecumenical social teaching


The article describes the socio-ecological programs of the World Council of Churches (WCC) enclosed in the so-called ‘ecological justice.’ The first of the three great program groups is the Ecumenical Water Network. In these programs, WCC analyzes the dependence of people’s quality of life on access to water and sanitation. The group of programs defined as Care for Creation and Climate Justice focuses on human co-responsibility for God’s gift of creation, which should lead to counteracting adverse climate change. The WCC documents also refer here to the so-called ‘ecological debt’ and the concept of ‘sustainable development.’ The third group of programs in the area of ‘eco-justice’ are those concerning the interdependence of Poverty, Wealth and Ecology. They indicate the impact on the natural environment of the effects of robbery resource management, serving to satisfy excessive consumption.


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