Anglicans and Methodists Together Again?

The Restoration of Church Unity between Anglicans and Methodists in Great Britain according to the Document Mission and Ministry in Covenant

  • Przemysław Kantyka The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: Church of England; Methodist Church; Anglicans; Methodists; Covenant; Church unity; Mission and Ministry in Covenant


The article presents the latest proposal by the Church of England and Methodist Church Faith and Order bodies to restore Anglican–Methodist unity in Great Britain. If mutually adopted, the document titled Mission and Ministry in Covenant would enable the introduction of episcopacy in the British Methodist Church, the presbyteral ordination of Methodist ministers by a bishop, and—as a result—the mutual recognition and interchangeability of presbyteral ministry in both Churches. The proposal concerning the introduction of episcopal ordination in the Methodist Church recommends ordination to the episcopacy of each elected President of Methodist Conference. Thus ordained, the President-bishop would then ordain Methodist presbyters. As regards the Methodist presbyters who were not episcopally ordained, the document proposes the recognition of their ministry by the Church of England in the terms of “bearable anomaly.” Yet, such a solution poses many questions and gives rise to theological doubts.


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