The Annals of Theology - a scientific journal, one of the oldest theological journals in Central and Eastern Europe, devoted to broadly understood theology, published by the Learned Society of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and the Faculty of Theology of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The origins of the journal date back to 1949. Currently, 11 issues are published annually on various theological subdisciplines:

  • Homiletic,
  • Dogmatic Theology,
  • Moral Theology,
  • History of the Church and Patristic,
  • Spirituatilty,
  • Pastoral Theology,
  • Ecumenism,
  • Liturgy,
  • Fundamental Theology and Religiology,
  • Catechetics,
  • Theology of the Family.


The subject matter of all the issues indicates the variety of discussed themes and matters in our publications. The main goal of the journal is to present the current state of theology in Poland and its place in theology around the world, as well as the achievements of theology in the context of Humanities, medical, legal and social sciences. We want to provide researchers from Poland and abroad with a place for scientific disputes and exchange of views. Our goal is to document theological scientific life and that is why, in addition to strictly scientific articles, we publish reports, bibliographies and reviews. The purpose of the International Scientific Council and articles in foreign languages is to popularize Polish theological publications abroad, maintaining contact between Polish and world theology. Well-known and highly estimated theologians, who constitute the reviewing corps, guarantee that the published articles are high-class scientific publications that respect the principles of publishing ethics.

We publish in Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

In the last evaluation on December 1, 2021 Roczniki Teologiczne received 70 points.