Fascicle 5: Modern Languages

Fascicle 5: Modern Languages 2023

Theme: Contrastive studies in the field of Romance linguistics

The Editorial Board of Roczniki Humanistyczne, Fascicle 5: Modern Languages welcomes the submission of contributions for the forthcoming 2023 volume: Contrastive studies in the field of Romance linguistics.We only accept unpublished papers of high academic quality, submitted in one of the Romance languages, and related to the volume’s announced theme: Contrastive studies in the field of Romance linguistics. The texts should include a contrastive analysis covering two or more Romance languages ​​or confronting modern Romance languages ​​with Polish. The presented research may concern lexical, morphological, syntactic or discursive issues.

The Editorial board reserves the right to preselect articles on the basis of subject matter and editorial content (cf. For Authors – Submissions).

Preferred languages: Spanish, French, Italian
Article Length: up to 30,000 characters (including abstract and references)
Citation style: MLA https://ojs.tnkul.pl/index.php/rh/citation
Deadline for submission: 30th May 2022
Address for correspondence: sanchis@kul.pl