Fascicle 12: Musicology

Fascicle 12: Musicology 2021

Theme: Musica Instrumentalis

The Editorial Board of Roczniki Humanistyczne, Fascicle 12: Musicology is seeking contributions of high academic quality for the forthcoming 2021 issue: Musica Instrumentalis. We especially, though not exclusively, encourage papers in the following areas:

  • the development of musical instruments from a historical perspective
  • performance practice.

We accept only unpublished papers of high academic quality, reserving the right to preselect articles in terms of both subject matter and editorial content. Contributions, which should follow the MLA citation style and not exceed 25,000 characters in length (including abstract and references), should be submitted via the Open Journal System.

Preferred languages: English, Russian, German and French.

Deadline for submission: 30th March 2021.

Address for correspondence: Dr. Kinga Krzymowska-Szacoń (kinga.krzymowska@gmail.com).