Fascicle 11: Anglica (English Studies)

Fascicle 11: Anglica 2022
Theme: Time and/in Text

The forthcoming issue of Roczniki Humanistyczne (Annals of Arts), vol. 11 Anglica, 2022 is planned as a platform for scholars of literature and culture who would like to explore various ways in which time manifests its presence in old and new texts of the English speaking world. We especially, though not exclusively, encourage papers in the following areas:

- Change in all its manifestations from growth through development to decay as a theme/motif/topic
- Evolution and entropy
- Time as a literary device: temporal distortions, fragmentations, non-linear timelines in texts etc.
- Time travel in literature (romance, utopia, science fiction)
- Large/small-scale historical/cultural change
We accept only unpublished research papers of high scientific quality.

Language: English
Article length: up to 30 000 characters with spaces (including abstracts, key words, and the list of works cited)
Formatting: MLA (the eighth edition)
Deadline for submission: 31 June, 2022

Our editorial office reserves the right to preselect texts in terms of their subject matter and editorial content.
Texts should be submitted electronically via the Open Journal System (OJS) after logging in or e-mailed to the Secretary Kamil Rusiłowicz: krusilowicz@gmail.com

Addresses for correspondence:
Editor: Dr. hab. Sławomir Wącior, prof. KUL – wacior@kul.pl
Secretary: Dr. Kamil Rusiłowicz – krusilowicz@gmail.com