Fascicle 10: Glottodidactics (Language Education)

Fascicle  10:  Glottodidactics (Language Education) 2022

Theme: “Exotic”, Regional and Minority Languages from the Perspective of Glottodidactics

The Editorial Board of Roczniki Humanistyczne, Fascicle 10: Glottodidactics (Language Education) is seeking contributions of high academic quality for the forthcoming 2022 issue: “Exotic”, Regional and Minority Languages from the Perspective of Glottodidactics.

Current socio-demographic, economic and cultural processes connected with the language policies of countries, both ethnically homogeneous and multi-ethnic ones, encourage scientific reflection on the motivations and needs of language teaching, which are usually situated on the periphery of glottodidactic research. The former category sees languages ​as foreign, as being typologically and geographically distant from both the state and the official language of that state in which they are taught and used, for example, for economic or tourism purposes. The latter category has its own regional and minority languages ​​as used by national or ethnic minorities living in its territory, distinguished by their own language, culture or traditions and aware of their own historical community. We especially, although not exclusively, encourage papers in the following  areas:

1. The goals, scope and methods of teaching so called “exotic”, regional and minority languages in Poland and the world;
2. Language policy and the possibility of teaching regional and minority languages;
3. Teaching the Polish language as an “exotic” and minority language abroad – needs and challenges.

We accept only unpublished papers of high academic quality, reserving the right to pre-select articles in terms of both subject matter and editorial content.

We await the submission of proposals for thematically profiled papers (with a title and summary of about 200 words) by March 31, 2021 to the address of the Secretary of Fascicle 10: Dr Anna Majewska-Wójcik, annamaj-woj@o2.pl . The authors of the proposals initially accepted will then be asked to send texts up to 40,000 characters (including summaries and key words) to the Editorial Board via the online system http://ojs.tnkul.pl/index.php/rh/, after being registered as an author. We kindly ask you to use the MLA citation style.

Preferred languages: English, Polish, Russian, German, French.

The editors reserve the right to pre-select papers in terms of thematic and editorial content.

Deadline for submission of finished articles:  July 31, 2021.