Fascicle 10: Glottodidactics (Language Education)

Fascicle 10: Glottodidactics (Language Education) 2024

Faces of bilingualism in glottodidactics

The editorial board of Roczniki Humanistyczne, fascicle 10 Glottodidactics, invites researchers to submit articles to the next issue in 2024. The theme will focus on bilingualism and biculturalism.

Many researches confirm that most people in the world are or will be bilingual. The reason for this is the socio-economic changes as a result of globalisation. The opening of borders has increased the migration of people within Europe. These migrations are voluntary, often the result of new opportunities, or necessary, forced by the political situation of the country. The level of native or inherited language skills of migrants can be very different and depends on many factors. A teacher of Polish as a foreign language is also confronted with many challenges arising from the language biographies and educational achievements of students and language course participants.

Proposed papers on the above-mentioned topics should focus on the following areas: 

  1. Social and individual bilingualism
  2. Types and strategies of bilingualism
  3. Attitudes towards bilingualism
  4. A mother tongue – a heritage language – a foreign language
  5. Linguistic and cultural interference
  6. Language and cultural problems of bilingual people (children and adults) – a case study
  7. Intercultural communication in the context of bilingualism
  8. Experiences and challenges of working with bilingual people
  9. Multidimensionality of the Polish community abroad and its language
  10. Education in bilingualism and bilingualism in education

Proposals for thematically profiled papers (title and abstract of approx. 200 words) should be submitted to the secretary of Fascicle 10, Dr. Anna Majewska-Wójcik (annamaj-woj@o2.pl) by 30th April 2023. Authors of the accepted abstracts will then be asked to send manuscripts of up to 40,000 characters (inclusive of the abstract, keywords, tables, references, and endnotes) to the editorial board via the online system http://ojs.tnkul.pl/index.php/rh/, after registering as an author. Authors are kindly requested to use APA citation style.

Preferred languages: English, Polish, French, German, Russian.

We accept only unpublished papers of high academic quality. The editors reserve the right to preselect papers on the basis of thematic and editorial content.

Deadline for submission of completed papers:  30 September 2023.