The Choir Festival as an Opportunity to Develop the Music Skills of Secondary School Students

  • Zuzana Zahradníková Catholic University in Ružomberok, Slovakia
Keywords: choir festival, choral singing, secondary school, Cantare Choraliter festival


Active participation in a choir exerts a great influence on young people. It is connected not only with their musical, artistic and aesthetic development but also with the formation of their personality and character. The question is are the young people of today interested in this kind of activity, especially when it comes to presenting sacred music? Is it attractive to them in a time that is more focused on materialism, technical achievements, consumerism and individual presentations? These questions are answered by this paper, which deals with the results of a survey conducted during the second year of the festival of high school choirs called Cantare Choraliter. Based on this questionnaire, we investigated the relationship to music, specifically to choral singing of the members of choirs working at secondary church schools in Slovakia.


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