The Justin Martyr's Concept of Logos Spermaticos and its Relevance to Theological Conversation in Africa Today

  • Patrick Mwania Tangaza University in Nairobi
Keywords: Semina Verbi; African traditional Religion


In this article the author argues that in the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of the Africans are found authentic revelation of the Logos, which should be regarded and appreciated as a preparation for the proclamation of the Gospel message in the African cultural and religious milieu. Indeed in African religious beliefs and practices, there are fundamental values that represent both a preparation for the incarnation of the Logos in the vast religious and cultural African heritage as well as means of salvation for the adherents, until a personal encounter between the individual followers of the African traditional Religion and the incarnate Logos takes place. This knowledge and conviction is fundamental indeed a conditio sine qua non for doing theology in Africa. As a consequence then, it remains a daunting task of the Church in Africa to discern the mysterious presence of the Logos in the African heritage, to purify it from the stains of human sin, which might have contaminated it, and then incorporate it into Christian heritage, so that, one may give witness to the universal character of the Church of Christ that embraces all peoples and cultures.


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