Trinity as the Epiphany of Otherness. Hermeneutic Insight

  • Grzegorz Barth The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: Trinity; hermeneutics; other; person; stranger


This text is an attempt to question of otherness, which has become in recent years involved, but also troublesome. Every day we experience various forms of discrimination, suspicion, exclusion, that cause misunderstandings divisions, conflicts. These circumstances make the difference (otherness) is treated by contemporary thinkers, including theologians, as an urgent problem. Theological thought, referring to the rich tradition of the Christian faith, in which the main Other is the transcendent God, trying to rethink the importance of this truth in the modern context. This thought can offer in the way of understanding otherness, that comes from reflection on the Trinity, in which three Persons stand in respect of otherness, where the irreducible distinction becomes a condition for the possibility of their relationship. This model is a proposal for further exploration sense of otherness, especially in the areas: anthropology, sociology, ethics, education. In the text are shown the position of some modern thinkers, who are drawing inspiration from the Christian tradition, develop hermeneutics otherness.


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