Political Staurologies. The Ideological Context and Theological Consequences of Reinterpretation of Jesus's Cross in Liberation and Feminist Theologies

  • Marcin Składanowski The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: staurology; Cross; liberation theology; feminist theology


In the article the emphasis will be put on the reinterpretations of Jesus's Cross in political theologies whose developed forms are liberation theology and feminist theology. The article will consider the reasons which compelled the representatives of these lines of theological thinking to question traditional staurologies and to suggest new attempts of reflection on the Cross. Further, I will present typical for these movements attempts of ahistorical and ideological theology of the Cross along with their consequences for the Christian faith. Finally, an attempt will be made to answer the question whether all the presented attempts of political reinterpretation of the Cross could be called `staurologies', that is an exhaustive and systematic theological approach to all that is contained in Jesus's death for Christians, or whether they are of a different nature.


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