Uniqueness and Universality of Jesus Christ in Dialogue with Religions

  • Massimo Serretti Pontifical Lateran University in Rome
Keywords: Jesus Christ; religion; dialogue; human person


The author shows that in the contemporary crisis of Christianity fits crisis of questioning his “claim to the truth.” Skepticism about the truth that bringing Christianity is supported by the achievements of modern science, which intends to overcome thinking about the existence of man and his relationship to God. To contribute two more factors: critical exegesis and critique of classical metaphysics. In the context of these risks, the Author attempts to read the explanatory signs of the times, pointing to the issue of religious truth through the prism of the uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ. The position to be adopted in relation to truth, Author believes for crucial, because it gives rise to this, to talk about the true religion. In this way he desires to make a challenge for Christian thought associated with the current growth and spread of religious movements.


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