Faces of Solidarity in Uncertain Times

  • Grzegorz Barth Faculty of theology, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Keywords: solidarity; hermeneutics; personalism; values; society


This article discusses the idea of solidarity in the context of contemporary social and cultural challenges, referring mainly to H.G. Gadamer, K. Wojtyła and J. Tischner. First, the author tries to characterize different approaches to solidarity, its false and contradictory interpretations. In the next point, he shows the need for a reflective approach to solidarity in uncertain times. The reflective approach affects the resolution of the conflict of interpretation of the world, man, values. The ability to see the otherness and the distinctiveness of others in their respect as free personal subjects, as well as the basic readiness to give and receive, not only opens the way to values, but creates the conditions for learning solidarity. The consequence of the presented approach is the analysis of reciprocity, which is based on openness, cooperation and trust towards the participants of social life.


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