The Theandric Role of the Church in the Life of the World during, before and after COVID−19 Pandemic

Keywords: Church, theandric nature of the Church, Covid−19, Pope Francis


The “earthly” Church is on pilgrimage and has the task of making disciples of all peoples (cf. Mt 28:19−20). She has her transcendental dignity, proportional to its representative (sacramental) essence and function as the universal sacrament of salvation. In the Christological perspective, the “earthly” Church carries out the redemptive and salvific work of Christ. On the part of the Church, this saving work is still relevant, polymorphic and incomplete, and sometimes also tainted by sin. For the Church is not identical with the Kingdom of God. Therefore, the current question remains how to realize the theandric nature of the Church in her mission in the current historical, social and cultural context? A particular drama in the implementation of the Church's mission is added today by the situation of the Covid−19 pandemic, which on the one hand contributes to hindering the exercise of a particularly liturgical function and, on the other hand, intensifies the process of impoverishment of people in many countries of the world. The new poor become an additional challenge for the Church in her charitable mission. The article has a dogmatic-pastoral character, and its main sources are post-conciliar documents and the latest statements of Pope Francis. According to the author, the Church, as a community of Christ's disciples, must learn from her Master to build interpersonal relationships in search of harmony with the world and at the service of humanity. Remembering the theandric nature of the Church can be very helpful in this task.


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