A Pastoral Reading of the Directory for Catechesis

  • Carl-Mario Sultana University of Malta
Keywords: Directory for Catechesis, kerygmatic catechesis, digital culture, Catechumenate and mystagogy, the way of beauty


The recently published Directory for Catechesis by the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation is the handbook for all those who are involved in the catechetical ministry, ranging from Bishops and Bishops’ Conferences to pastors, priests and lay catechists. This article seeks to take a pastoral glance at the Directory which offers a vision for catechesis which is founded on the theology of Evangelii Gaudium, with an openness to a more kerygmatic catechesis. Moreover, the Directory seeks to situate catechesis within the contemporary digital culture, whilst not neglecting traditional stances such as the Catechumenate and mystagogy. The Directory also taps into innovative methodological aids such as the value given to the way of beauty.


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