Analysis of the Eucharistic Prayer H of the Church of England

Keywords: Christ, dialogue, Eucharist, Church of England, eucharistic prayer


The article is dedicated to the analysis of one of the eucharistic prayers of the Church of England, which is Eucharistic Prayer H. It is the shortest eucharistic prayer among all others included in the main volume of Common Worship. The structure of the Prayer presents dialogical pattern, and this is one of the elements that makes the prayer unique among other eucharistic prayers of the Church of England. The dialogical character supports understanding of the Eucharist as an event that is celebrated in the community and by the community, against individualistic tendencies. A fundamental aspect of the Prayer is its theocentric character. The text shows that God the Father is at the center of the Eucharistic prayer, for He is the primary addressee of the Prayer. An important issue related to the Prayer is also its deep relation with the Tradition of the Church. The analysis of the text confirms that the content of the Prayer is strongly based on the Bible and the theology of the Church Fathers. Even though this fundamental heritage is preserved, the Prayer receives innovative solutions which bring freshness to the liturgy of the Church of England.


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