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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  • The submitted manuscript is an original work.
  • The submitted manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • The manuscript adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in section Author Guidelines.
  • There is no ghostwriting or guest authorship.

Information for authors:


1.Texts submitted to the “Annals of Pedagogies” of the Scientific Society of KUL cannot be previously published in Polish or be submitted at the same time to editors of other journals.
2.The manuscript should be submitted on A-4 size paper as one copy. It should have continuous pagination. One page should contain 2000 characters (31 lines of 65 characters) with a margin on the left side - 35 mm.
3. At the end of the text, a bibliography should be included (in alphabetical order).
4. Footnotes and bibliography should be prepared according to the rules adopted at the Scientific Society of the Catholic University of Lublin.
5. The text should be accompanied by a summary in Polish, containing approximately 150 words, and key words. The full title, subheading, key words and summary should be provided in English. 6. Foreign-language texts should be submitted in the foreign language, with the title, key words and abstracts in the foreign language and in Polish.
6. The following data should be provided on a separate sheet: name and surname of the author, degree and academic title, place of work with the exact address and address for correspondence, telephone, fax, e-mail.
7. The responsibility arising from publishing rights and copyrights (quoting, reprinting of illustrations, tables and graphs from other sources) is borne by the author.
8. Please provide complete bibliographic descriptions of the items quoted in the footnotes and included in the bibliography and quote verified quotes.
9. If the author does not send the author's correction within the deadline, it means he/she consents the publication of the text in its current form.
10. The authors of the published work receive the article in the pdf version. The authors cede publishing rights to the publisher.
11. Collective work must be accompanied by license agreements signed by the authors and a declaration of ethics, which is completed and signed by the first author. Declaration forms are available online at http://www.kul.pl/instytutpedagogiki/Roczniki-Pedagogiczne


1. Texts provided should be submitted in electronic and paper format. Particularly WordPerfect (all versions), MS Word (all versions), OpenOffice (all versions) or other, supporting the RTF record.
2. Drawings or graphs developed on a computer should be prepared using the following programs: CorelDraw (up to version 11.0 inclusive), MS PowerPoint, WordPerfect Presentation, Corel Presentation for Windows, MS Excel. They should be provided as separate files. This also applies to scanned materials. The text should indicate the place designated for them.
3. Maps and original illustrations suitable for reproduction with signatures should be attached at the end of the article.
4. If the text contains unusual fonts (e.g. Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek, logical, mathematical or phonetic characters) that do not occur during the standard installation by the editor or Windows environment, attach them to the disc.
5. Text formatting should be kept to a minimum: paragraph indents, centering, italics.
6. Until the publication appears in print, store a copy of the provided materials on your hard disk or backup.