‘Roczniki Pedagogiczne’/’Annals of Pedagogies’ (the continuation of ‘Annals of Social Sciences’ published as No. 2: Pedagogics, from 1976), published since 2012 as a quarterly, is a pedagogical academic journal, which aims to publish current, original, empirical and theoretical research results in particular areas of the sciences on upbringing and promotes new and creative achievements in pedagogical methodology and methodology of educational work. The journal proposes articles in four areas of pedagogical research relevant to four issues devoted to: 1/ theory and the history of education and pedagogical thought; 2/ education and school pedagogy and didactics; 3/ special pedagogy, resocialization and preventive pedagogy, and psychopedagogy; 4/ pedagogy of caring, family pedagogy and social pedagogy.

The journal publishes scientific achievements of four types:1/ original articles of both empirical and theoretical nature; 2/ reports and informative message texts; 3/ reviews; 4/ polemics, containing questions about the authors' texts as well as author’s answers and explanations

The Annals of Pedagogies apply objective criteria for the scientific evaluation of texts written by the authors. The journal is addressed to researchers and students in the above-mentioned pedagogical areas of theory and practice and representatives of related disciplines and fields of knowledge. There are also accepted texts in foreign languages, which are reviewed and evaluated by reviewers representing their original languages.