What Is Art?

  • Les Begay
Keywords: art, creator, recipient


The presented statement is part of the volume it covers a variety of responses from people who interact with art in different ways. The aim is to suggest to the participant of the contemporary world a new, personal perspective to rethink what is this area of our world that we label with art; thoughts with and without theoretical suggestions - reflections by the creators and reflections by the audience, teaching humility and uniqueness, perhaps - forming a fresh perspective on art.

Author Biography

Les Begay

Les Begay is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation. His edu­catio­nal background is a BS in Journalism/Marketing from the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas. He spent his career in the telecom sector working both domestically and interna­tio­nally with manu­facturers, carriers and distributors in Sales Manage­ment. He resides in Chi­cago, Illi­nois, USA.