What Ethics for the Post-Christian World?

Keywords: Christianity, post-Christianity, ethics, natural law, virtue theory, conscience


The title issue is analyzed in the article in the space of co-thinking with Sebastian Gałecki, the author of the book Etyka chrześcijańska dla postchrześcijańskiej epoki [Christian Ethics for a Post-Christian Age]. The question of a model of ethics for contemporary times, which is rightly referred to as post-Christian, is one of the most important issues of contemporary ethical research.  The author of the above-mentioned monograph wants to build this model by integrating three, in his opinion remaining in isolation, traditions of ethics: the theory of natural law, the theory of virtues and the theory of conscience, in their contemporary interpretation by J. Finnis, A. MacIntyre and J.H. Newman. Is such a path optimal for the question posed in the title of this article? The doubts and questions raised as a result of reading Gałecki’s dissertation sketch the framework of an answer to this question, drawing at the same time positive paths of reflection on the shape of ethics in the times of late modernity.

Author Biography

Krzysztof Stachewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland

Prof. Dr. habil. Krzysztof Stachewicz — Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (AMU), Faculty of Theology, Department of Philosophy and Dialogue


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