Evolution and Creation—A Response to Michał Chaberek’s Polemic with Theistic Evolutionism

Keywords: accidental features, disposition of matter, evolution and creation, faith and evolution, natural species, speciation, substance, theistic evolutionism, Thomas Aquinas


In response to Michał Chaberek’s polemic with my position regarding theistic evolutionism, I refer to some key aspects of the Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy and theology in their encounter with the theory of evolution and point toward some inconsistences and flaws in the argumentation developed by my adversary. After defining crucial aspects of Aquinas’s understanding of creation, I emphasize that evolutionary changes belong to divine gubernatio, and not creatio. I also offer an analysis of the question concerning the need of a direct divine intervention in instantiation of a new species. Moving to metaphysics I comment on the Aristotelian-Thomistic substantialism, the analogical character of substantivity, and Chaberek’s alternative taxonomy of living organisms. Regarding philosophical theology, I answer the question concerning the source of the substantial form of the first representative of a new species, in reference to the categories of disposition of matter and accidental features of substances. Addressing once again metaphysical aspects of the evolutionary theory I suggest characterizing species transformation as a complex process, engaging many substantial and accidental changes.


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