Divine Action and the Laws of Nature: A Reply to Łukasiewicz

Keywords: divine action, quantum mechanics, fine-tuning, laws of nature, conservation of energy


This reply to Łukasiewicz’s “Divine Providence and Chance in the World” argues for three conclusions. First, what he calls “epistemic deism” faces challenges from physics that are not widely recognized. Second, if theists in favor of the fine-tuning design argument are wrong, then so are most physicists, who believe that fine-tuning requires an explanation. Third, not all laws of nature are conditional in the way that Łukasiewicz believes. Fortunately, the distinction between laws and non-nomic information provides a way to expand his model of divine action.

Author Biography

Jeffrey Koperski, Saginaw Valley State University, USA

Jeffrey Koperski is Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy, Saginaw Valley State University


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