1918-1920 Procesos divergentes en dos naciones europeas

  • José Luis Orella CEU San Pablo University
Keywords: Restoration of the Polish State; Bolshevik Revolution; First World War; peripheral nationalism; international relations


1918-1920 Divergent processes in two European nations

Poland and Spain are two countries with scarce relations at historical level. When in 1918 the end of the First World War and the coming of the Second Polish Republic take place, it is a fact. The image of Poland in Spain will be perceived through the problems of the Spaniards themselves. The peripheral nationalisms with secessionist cravings that see Poland as an example, or the strength of libertarian communism (anarchist) that sees in the Bolshevik revolution a solution for the Iberian country. Meanwhile, Polish nationalism, based on Catholicism, attracts a Spanish conservatism, also Catholic, that seeks to structure Spain with a new illusion. The chronicles of Sofia Casanova, the only Spaniard with the capacity to understand the Polish situation, will be an important source of information for the average Spanish citizen.