Studia Norwidiana is a scientific journal that has been published continuously since 1983 and is the scientific body of the Institute for the Study of Cyprian Norwid’s Literature (publisher: Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL). Studia Norwidiana is a unique Polish scientific journal devoted entirely to the study of Cyprian Norwid, one of the greatest Polish and European poets and artists. The journal publishes works by the most prominent Norwid researchers from Poland and abroad. The journal is a platform for presenting and evaluating new studies, as well as for evaluating previous research. It enables the exchange of opinions, coordination and support for scientific research. Striving for high level of the published works, the journal publishes only new, original articles, which have not yet appeared in print, while providing the reader with an insight into the most current state of research on Norwid. Due to the wide range of Norwid’s interests, the scientific scope of the journal covers not only history of literature and linguistics, but also history of art, history of culture, philosophy and theology – the areas essential for the proper understanding of Norwid’s works. The journal aims to show the phenomenon of Norwid’s artistry in a broad historical and cultural context, not only with reference to Poland, but also to entire Europe and the world. The poet spent most of his life outside of Poland, working in Italy, Paris, Brussels, London and New York.