Theology of Faith Elements in the Light of Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter «Motu proprio» Porta fidei

  • Jacenty Mastej The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology
Keywords: faith; theology of faith; Benedict XVI; Year of Faith; act of faith; motives of faith; faith obedience; dynamism of faith; testimony to faith; Apostolic Letter Porta fidei


In all Benedict XVI’s teaching faith is understood in personalistic view and categories. The Pope pays attention especially to rational dimension of faith, its natural and supernatural foundations and obedience present insight it. For Pope Benedict XVI it is clear that Christian faith has got its rational motives and explanation - Christian faith is not ‘blind’. Because the Christian faith is inter-personal event, it is alive and dynamic and it has got fundamental meaning in human life. That’s why - according to Benedict XVI - the Christian testimony to the faith is necessary and should be always alive. This testimony helps to discover the power and beauty of faith. Doing so it invites Christians not only to exist strong in faith but also to live it deeply and joyfully.