The Actualization of the Teaching of Reverend Vincent Granat, Connected with the Charismatic Organization of the Church

  • Kordian Duda The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Faculty of Theology, PhD student
Keywords: charismatic structure of the Church; Rev. Vincent Granat’s ecclesiology


The Holy Spirit lead the way for the Church in every epoch and equipped believers with multiple spiritual faculties. Owing to the Holy Spirit, the Demos of God is still preserved in the aspic of His juvenescent viability. Nowadays, charismas and charismatic movement are often spoken about. Coming up to the history of the Church, one should mention that the faith of the Christians, who lived in the first centuries, was marked with the great  experience of the Holy Spirit as the Power, through whom the risen Christ is present in the history of the world. This fact was the cause that they were comprehending the Church as a real and spiritually-charismatic world. Unfortunately, the strict connection between the Holy Spirit and the Church was forsaken for plenty of centuries. This question started experiencing its second juvenility after the Vatican Council II.

John Paul II emphasized that there is neither such a contrast in the Church, nor a variance between the institutional and charismatic aspects. Both aspects are equally significant elements in the organization of the Church. The paper presents the topicality of the teaching of Rev. Vincent Granat, which is connected with the charismatic organization of the Church. The exposition of the professor from Lublin is mainly based on St. Paul’s texts, but it also refers to the teaching of the Vatican Council II. The Council pictured in its documents all good theological tendencies with regard to the question concerning charismas, which are one of a few manifestations of the redemptive presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church of Christ.