Gnoseological and Teaching Value of the Chart-Graphic Method in Theology

  • Krzysztof Krukowski
Keywords: chart-graphic method; geometry; graph; image; circle; triangle; Trinity; Church; theology; principle of accommodation; Franciszek Drączkowski


In the contemporary postmodernist culture that more and more becomes the “culture of the picture”, the demand of visualization should also be addressed to theology that is inclined to use the traditional forms of verbal message. In the light of the principle of accommodation accepted by the Vaticanum II the imperative expressed there should be considered “urgent” for the present moment. Among the new propositions promoting graphical-pictorial approaches in theology a new method called chart-graphic or geometrical method worked out by Rev. Prof. Franciszek Drączkowski deserves a special attention.

The starting point of the chart-graphic method is the figure of the circle in which an equilateral triangle has been inscribed that is a symbolic image of the triune God.

The value of geometry in cognition and comprehension of truth was seen in the past by many outstanding scholars, who considered the use of geometry, logic and algebra to be necessary in the process of cognition of the universe (Descartes, Pascal, Clement of Alexandria).

Geometry also for Rev. Drączkowski becomes something that is indeed necessary in the process of cognition of the eternal Truth and of transmitting this knowledge to others. He accepts the ancillary role of geometry, transferring it to the ground of theology.