“Since there is only one Bread...” Eucharistic Ecclesiology of J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI

  • Jerzy Szymik University of Silesia in Katowice
Keywords: Eucharist; liturgy; worship; Church; Communion; Resurrection; ecclesiology; sacrifice; faith; sacrament; mystery; Sunday; transformation


In a specific way, while making a synthesis of various aspects of theology of the Eucharist, J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI leads us deep into the reality, towards the final truth of the world which was created by God as good and which was redeemed. As the realization of the unity of what is spiritual, internal, personal and what is physical, external, social, the Eucharist shapes the Church, which – in turn – enables it, assumes and exists on the basis of its gift, as one and universal (Catholic). The thought of J. Ratzinger/Benedict XVI combines biblical hermeneutics, patristic interpretations, dogmatic findings, spirituality, morality, liturgy and social science. This integrity, manifested through the Passion and Paschality of Christianity, where such notions and terms as Body of Christ, Communion, Eucharist, participation in the Body and Blood, participation in the prayer of Jesus not only explain each other, but also add meaning to one another, shows what sacramental consciousness can be and how to approach the great mystery of faith.