Call for Papers

The Annals of Cultural Studies (1/2022)

Call for Papers

 We invite submissions for publication in the special issue of

“Anthropological Contexts of Contemporary Culture”

In contemporary times, we can notice a particularization of the concept of culture, its systematic breakdown and its subsequent denotation. Culture seems to cover everything - from Shakespeare to Superman - and to determine almost everything (cultural beliefs determine the way we perceive the world). A philosophical understanding of culture, based on an understanding of the human being as a person, is being lost today. However, it is only from this perspective that one can justify the fact of culture as such, and point to its efficient, patterning and purposeful cause. From this perspective it is also possible to diagnose the crises which are a result of losing a sense of the life of the human being himself and above all the purpose of his life. The human being is the creator of culture, but at the same time he is somehow defined by his cultural niche; both the operational and productive understanding of culture focuses on the human being and his nature. In the face of these important findings, we want to draw attention to the anthropological and philosophical aspects of culture, and thus identify the person as the subject, creator, and purpose of culture.

“Anthropological Contexts of Contemporary Culture” will cover a wide range of philosophical and anthropological problems related to culture, with special attention to:

  • The question of the aim and subject of culture
  • The question of the understanding of culture in the context of skills
  • The question about differences between culture and civilization
  • The question about the relationship between nature and culture
  • The question of the criterion for evaluating cultural facts
  • Technology as a cultural niche (transhumanism)
  • Cultural contexts of contemporary religious transformations
  • Contemporary discussions on the role of religion in culture

We welcome all submissions (but not limited to) these topics. We particularly encourage philosophical, anthropological and cultural studies submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline: November 30, 2021

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the manuscript submission information on the Journal website available at:

Submissions must be 5000-6000 words in length.

All submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff prior to two external double-blind reviews.

Please submit a separate cover sheet that includes your name, contact information, institutional affiliation, and keywords and relevant area(s) of research.


Secretary: Imelda Chłodna-Błach, Ph.D

You can send your manuscript to:

Wojciech Daszkiewicz, Ph.D