Executive Issues and Technique of Playing Keyboard Instruments in the Second Half of the 18th Century. Robert Broderip and His Plain and Easy Instructions for Young Performers on the Piano Forte or Harpsichord (1794)

Keywords: fortepiano; piano; Robert Broderip; keyboard music; music rules


The article is the first Polish-language discussion and analysis of the contents of the eighteenth-century textbook by Robert Broderip regarding the rules of playing the piano and harpsichord. The main research emphasis has been placed on hermeneutic analysis of its content in two mutually complementary aspects: historical-musicological and executive (didactic). The article also briefly discusses the history of the creation of the pianoforte and outlined the contribution of the author of the discussed textbook to the development of didactics and methodology of playing the instrument. In addition, perspectives on the use of Broderip’s recommendations in contemporary methodology and the teaching of the pianoforte are outlined.


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