Mythological Components in Roman Paganism Tradition

Keywords: Roman religion, Roman deities, mythology, Roman calendar, sacra privata, sacra publica, rites


The culture of ancient Rome is impressive with its uniqueness, so scholars have always been interested in it. In ancient societies religious component always plays a great role, so studying it becomes key in understanding the depth of human feelings. The ancient perception of the world is clearly represented in mythology, the first type of human consciousness, whose reflections manifest itself in all the following stages of human development. The article seeks to identify the mythological components in Roman paganism tradition that facilitates deep understanding of the religion of ancient Rome. At the same time, the cornerstone of the study is the relationship between the religious and the human—what role in the process of social and cultural transformations the religious component played, how deeply mythological components intertwined with religious doctrine, what was the nature of the relationship of the Romans with their gods, and how the features of mentality transformed universal human aspirations as seen by the ancient Romans. A comprehensive analysis of this issue opens up further prospects for research, which can be considered a broader layer of the culture of ancient Rome.

Author Biography

Andrianna Roma

Andrianna Roma—Graduate student at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


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