Gaven Kerr, O.P., On Creation with Its Philosophical Corollaries

Keywords: Aquinas’ metaphysics of creation, esse, essentia, esse tantum


Author endorses the study by Gaven Kerr, O.P., for the way it shows the centrality of Aquinas’ metaphysics of creation: showcasing the ‘real distinction’ between esse and essentia, followed by Aquinas’ unique treatment of each, as well as a deep consideration of esse tantum. At the end he states the ‘proof’ which Gaven Kerr has articulated so deftly reflects the manner in which the Creator ‘appears’ in creation, thereby ‘showing’ what cannot be ‘said’ (Wittgenstein).

Author Biography

David Burrell, University of Notre Dame

David Burrell, C.S.C.—Hesburgh Professor emeritus, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA


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