Units of Methodological Analysis in Science

  • Zygmunt Hajduk Professor Emeritus at Faculty of Philosophy of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Keywords: science; natural sciences; statics and dynamics of science; scientific methodology; methodological categories; units of methodological analysis; structures


The opposition between statics and dynamics of science in the entire content of the paper is supposed. We understand science as natural science(s). The selection of categories as an object of examining is directed by reasons generated through scientific and metascientific practice. Contextual elucidations are related to actual situation of potential receivers. Among them are so students as well as professional scientists interested in solving scientific problems. To do so the following questions, namely: background standpoints; key-terms; statics/dynamics of science; revolutions in the philosophy of science; two contexts; new philosophy of science; descriptive and normative trends; scientific revolutions category; super-, supra- and maxitheories; problems of epistemic axiology; philosophy of science pluralism; problem/theory of problem; value — category of epistemic axiology; other questions of the philosophy of science; characteristic of the entire elaboration is subsequently discussed.