The Common Good as the Basis of Respect for Human Beings in the Context of Social Challenges

Keywords: catholic social science, social policy, dogmatic and pastoral theology


The Catholic social teaching of the Church explains that the common good is the sum of the conditions of social life that allows to achieve more fully and more easily own perfection, entailing rights and obligations regarding the entire human race. Every social group must take into account needs and right aspirations of other group. Moreover, the common good of the entire human family. The common good consists in respecting rights and obligations of the human being and creating maximum opportunities for development for human individuals which belong to different communities. The common good that people seek and achieve by creating a social community is a guarantee of personal, family and group good. The principle of the universal destination of goods, the principle of subsidiarity and solidarity is helpful in respecting every human person.

Author Biography

Jacek Nogowski, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

Rev. Jacek Nogowski, Ph.D. – Faculty of Theology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, Poland


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