Kościół katolicki na Kresach południowo-wschodnich wobec odzyskiwania przez Polskę niepodległości

  • Mieczysław Ryba The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Keywords: Greek Catholic Church; Ukrainian nationalism; Polish-Ukrainian relations


The attitude of the Catholic Church in the southeastern borderlands towards Poland’s regaining of independence

The article by Mieczysław Ryba describes the process of escalation of national conflicts in Eastern Galicia and a deepening religious conflict in this region. The author concludes that during the struggle for Polish independence throughout World War I, the Roman Catholic church had a clearly pro-Polish stance. The Uniate church, in turn, became a foundation for Ukrainian national movement with its explicitly anti-Polish sympathies. The rise of the Polish-Ukrainian conflict increased anti-Polish phobias and disagreements among Galician Uniates.

The Armenian church, led by archbishop Józef Teodorowicz, a widely recognized Polish patriot, was one of the eastern churches with an unequivocally pro-Polish attitude.