Union of Polish Communities in Europe. The Calendar of Major Events 1993-2019 it all Started in Kraków

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Tadeusz Adam Pilat


This article presents the calendar of the most important events related to the Union of Polish Communities in Europe (EUWP), a federation of Polish diaspora organisations from all over Europe. The EUWP was established in 1993 in London with the aim of promoting Polonia-related and Polish affairs in the process of Poland’s integration with the democratic West, cooperating with Polish communities around the world and providing assistance to Polish organisations in post-communist countries. For 28 years, the Union of Polish Communities in Europe has been involved in promoting Polish culture and integrating Polish communities, organising and taking part in various scientific and cultural events, conferences and competitions.

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Tadeusz Adam Pilat

Tadeusz Adam Pilat – President of Union of Polish Communities in Europe, Sweden