Development Strategy for Roczniki Teologiczne

Development Strategy for Roczniki Teologiczne until 2023, prepared by the Roczniki Editorial Board during the meeting of 6 October 2020.

I. As of 2021, the Editorial Board of Roczniki Teologiczne will change the publication order for individual issues (zeszyty) of the periodical.

Starting in 2021, issues 1–6:
1 – Homiletics
2 – Dogmatic Theology
3 – Moral Theology
4 – Church History
5 – Theology of Spiritualiy
6 – Pastoral Theology
will be published by the end of June.

Issues 7–11:
7 – Ecumenical Theology
8 – Liturgics
9 – Fundametal Theology and Religiology
10 – Family Studies
11 – Catechetics
will be published by the end of December.

II. Considering the large number of texts submitted by authors with a local affiliation, the Editors intend to continue the process of limiting the number of texts written by employees of the Catholic University of Lublin.

III. The publisher wishes to reach a balance in publishing texts by authors representing foreign academic centres (1/3), Polish higher education institutions (1/3), and authors affiliated with the Catholic University of Lublin (1/3).

IV. The Editors of the journal intend to increase the international reach of the periodical. To this end, special issues will be published, which will present the research of foreign research centres. The process of increased internalisation will also rely on the recruitment of a larger number of foreign reviewers providing double blind reviews of submitted texts.

V. As of 2021, the Editors intend to standardize the way of writing abstracts and summaries submitted by authors.

VI. The Editors will run a pre-evaluation survey in 2021 to determine how well the periodical is prepared to submit a proper application to the SCOPUS database.

VII. The Editors intend to streamline the Open Journal System by introducing the option of using the existing resources of the Roczniki in such formats as HTML, XML or EPUB.

VIII. With a view to disseminating its scientific potential, the Editorial Board intends to carry out necessary digitization measures, including the DOI identifier. As a result, the online recognition of texts published by Roczniki Teologiczne will not be linked to the physical location of the document in the OJS.

Lublin, 11 January 2021

Ks. prof. dr hab. Przemysław Kantyka
Chief Editor of Roczniki Teologiczne