Diaconal Dimension of Liturgy, i.e. the Openness to Problems of World

  • Bogusław Nadolski
Keywords: public theology, ars celebrandi, deacon, martyr, koinonia, rite


Public theology, which first appeared in the United States of America at the end of the 20th century, presents a certain challenge also for the liturgy. In this article the author addresses the “diaconisation” of the liturgy, pointing to the reasons, which authorize for the use in the liturgy aspects of public theology, which emphasize the characteristic elements of the liturgy, as a rich cultural inspiration for society in an extremely direct perspective for progression, recalling to mind the richness of the Eucharistic mystery by which ars celebrandi and ars praesidendi should increase sensitivity and better motivate the participants in the liturgy to a greater love for the community.