Fascicle 8: Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies

Linguistic analyses of bilingual versions of John Paul II texts

The Seym of the Republic of Poland has set the year 2020 as Saint John Paul II Year due to the centenary of his birth. On this occasion, the Editorial Board of the Annals of Arts (volume 8) wishes to honour the Professor by inviting you to send linguistic (translatorical) articles based on the analyses of Karol Wojtyła – Saint John Paul II texts.

The Holy Father as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, a global moral authority, as well as a poet, is the author of many theological publications and literary works. There is visible care in each of them for the precision of the word and its beauty. The style and vocabulary of John Paul II has become the subject of analyses for many linguists. Despite the  popularity of the Holy Father's texts, some of his writings (full of valuable metaphysical, existential, artistic reflections etc.) are still little known, even undiscovered.
Therefore, we invite you to share your research interests and send articles containing:
̶  translatorical studies of Karol Wojtyła's literary texts (based on translations into French, Italian, Spanish, English),
̶  analyses of translations of philosophical and theological terms, as well as from other fields (based on official papal texts, speeches for World Days etc.), in bilingual versions (Latin-Italian / French etc., Polish-Italian / French etc.),
̶  contrastive analyses of selected linguistic problems, e.g. emotions vocabulary (emotion, feeling, tenderness), collocations with selected lexemes (verb, noun, adjective), intensity exponents, definition statements, metaphors etc.

Texts by John Paul II are also available at http://w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/it.html and on Polish Catholic portals. An integrated database of papal texts in Polish is also being created - http://www.nauczaniejp2.pl/.

We accept texts in French, Italian, Spanish and English.
We accept only unpublished research papers of high scientific quality. Contributions of approximately 20 000-40 000 characters should be submitted (lingrom@kul.pl).

Deadline for submitting articles: January 15, 2020.