Fascicle 8: Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies

Theme: Defining Enunciations in Bilingual Corpora

The forthcoming issue (2022) of Roczniki Humanistyczne / Annals of Arts, Fascicle 8: Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies, aims to explore various aspects and instances concerning the defining enunciations. The questions that arise can be formulated in relation to both its elements (regarding lexicographical or terminographical definitions) and its illocutionary values (realised in the discourse in either general or specialised language, whether contemporary or from another era).

Contributions concerning the chosen area may aim for a dual application: a) the development of lexicographical or terminological definitions for a bilingual dictionary; b) a proposal for a documentary / contextual research method for the translation of terms. For parallel bilingual corpora, this will primarily involve the search for translation equivalents; for comparable corpora, it will be more a question of developing models to match the defining enunciations in the two languages studied.

We accept only unpublished research papers of high academic quality.

Preferred Languages: French, Italian, Spanish.

Submission of Proposals - title and abstract of approx. 1,200 words (spaces included), 4-5 key words, 4-5 bibliographical references): June 30, 2021.
Texts should be submitted electronically via the Open Journal System (OJS) after logging in, or e-mailed to the Editorial Board: lingrom@kul.pl
Our editorial office reserves the right to preselect texts in terms of their subject matter and editorial content.
Decision of the review committee: July 15, 2021.
Submission of completed paper: November 15, 2021.