Call for Papers

The following types of papers are invited:

  1. a) theoretical analyses, models useful in description and interpretation of global political, social and economic changes – having special significance for Central and Eastern Europe;
  2. b) reports from original empirical investigations/meeting adequate methodological standards;
  3. c) review papers giving a synthesis of research in a particular field;
  4. d) methodological proposals and critiques relevant to mental changes;
  5. e) essays and discussions based on personal observations, experience and evaluations.
  6. f) case studies, presentations of companies/institutions, which are making a meaningful contribution to the region. (We also offer possibility of publishing advertisements – especially informative or educational in nature).

Each contribution should be sent in hard – paper, CD/DVD or by e-mail to the secretary at the following address:
Grzegorz Kida
Secretary of
Journal for Perspectives of Economic, Political and Social Integration. Journal for Mental Changes
Al. Racławickie 14, C-336
20-950 Lublin, Poland